Witches Caldron and Fire

Super easy and fun set up with dollar store deals!!! Read below to see how to create!!

Ok so I wanted to do a cool caldron for the front of the house. I purchased 98% of the items from the $.99 store. Supply list below

From $.99 store• 3 mops(with wood handles). •2 sets orange Halloween lights. •1 black plastic caldron •Twine

From Walmart •spray foam •black paint(any art paint works fine)

From amazon• terrarium mister with light

After gathering the supplies I cut the mop heads off. Placed a drilled hole at approx 3 in down on each pole to attach with screws. After attaching with a screw in the two outer poles I wrapped the twine around to create the desired look

I then used the same twine and braided 6 single strands together to create a rope to attached to caldron. I then added the lighted mister and water ( you could also just use dry ice and a battery operated candle)

To make the fire under the caldron I used the spray foam and lights. •first place the lights on a piece of cardboard or plexiglass •using any tape tape the 1st set of lights down• begin spraying the foam and create a layer covering the lights •add the second set of lights and repeat the foam creating a mound. It will take about an hour for the foam to expand and harden. After it hardens, lightly coat in black(do not cover completely) just to make it look like burning embers

Final result.

Total cost $18 and about 20 min worth of time. Not too shabby. If you used dry ice it be about $12

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