Halloween: Spooky Chandelier

So we have a chandelier in our formal dining room that is brass and very ugly honestly but what if I could say you can create a crazy spooky chandelier with dollar store finds????? Would you do it……well here’s how

Dollar store plastic skulls, dollar store creepy cloth….red led lights from Walmart

1st start by drilling the holes in which the skulls will slide onto the light heads of the chandelier. I used about a 1in bit. My hubby drilled the holes since I’m quite accident prone…..You drill one hole in the top of the skull and one in the bottom. I then took the creepy cloth and folded it once long way and layered it over the light base before adding the skull

Slide skull onto light base

After doing this I made sure that the light base, skull and cloth was draped like so

Adding the light. I went with red….make it a bit more dramatic

Finally this is the finished product. Super cool looking and very very creepy!!!

Follow me for more fun and creepy Halloween designs!!!!

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