Halloween: Making Creepy Dolls

So I went in search of some dolls at good will to create the zombie dolls I was looking for. I spent $2.99 to get two dolls. They actually had the moving eyes which helps the creepiness a bit more I think!!! They had very old fashion clothing which I zombied up as well!!!!

I stripped the dolls so that I could paint the surfaces how I wanted with out damaging the clothing till later. I started with a base color of light grey and did two coats. I used Walmart’s acrylic $.50 a bottle…..worked great!!! After allowing those two coats to dry. I applied a dark grey to the orbits of the eyes and also painted the eye balls red. To get the look of zombie skin I went back over the light grey with dark grey, black and white, I blotted the paint on with a medium paint brush.

After the last coat dried I went in and applied the lips and faint crack lines around the face and arms. I only painted half the arms and chest since the clothing would cover these areas. I also added the iris and light dots to the eyes to give it a good creepy look.

After this I painted the clothes with the grey paint and some water. Still trying to figure out what to do with the hair but I am thinking white or grey temporary hair spray.

This is a fun,easy, and inexpensive way to add some character to old unused dolls. If the dolls are going to be exposed to the elements make sure you apply a clear polyurethane if you use a acrylic paint.

Finished without hair color

So the finished product…..


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