Halloween: Crazy Town

I started my collection back in 2001 of Lemax Spooky Town& Dept 56 pieces. My very 1st piece was the The Witches Lair. Still have this piece along with several others. I constantly am looking for new pieces to add to my collection. Funny thing is my husband wasn’t a huge Halloween fan until I came along. Now our collection is huge and will continue to grow.

We love to create new layouts and designs. This year we went with two tables to expand and make our Village a little more sectioned. We have the Homes,then the village, the cemetery and then the haunted carnival.

Haunted Village

We have it abut to the front window so that it can be seen from outside. This year I hope to add some more but who knows. This is my prized possession and look forward to it all year. I get asked a lot why I set it up in September, well it’s very time consuming, lots of details that need to be completed and hell…..I just want to look at it.

It’s a lot of fun and each year my kiddos get more and more excited for Halloween. We make a big deal of it, from our huge outdoor event to the intricate details of the indoor displays. Stay turned for more on Halloween. I will blog on makeup, outdoor decor and making of cool projects!!!

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