Essential Oils in Body Care

Using essential oils for soaps,salves, lotions, sugar scrubs & more!!

I started creating useful and amazing products to better my own life but also those of my family and friends. I use all of my products daily and have been able to share these amazing on several platforms.

I started making roller balls with essential oils to help with my hot flashes, depression, anxiety, and a few others lol. Once I started to realize the gravity of wonders that oils are able to help with I started making facial serums & my Witchy Woman Toner that help with age spots, scars, acne, wrinkles and dry skin. Reaching near 40 I have began to see more and more areas on my face that needed a little extra boost of care. Since using the serum, I have seen a dramatic change in my skin.

No makeup… worries
Facial Serum
Withy Woman Toner

The body butters are amazing to help with dry skin, eczema, rashes and so much more. The sugar scrubs are infused with cocoa butter, coconut oils and essential oils. They are great for exfoliating the skin, although they can make the floor of your shower slippery!!!! The soaps are made with Shea butter, coconut oils, many different oils…..lavender, tangerine, lemongrass, orange, you name it I can do it. I also add in activate charcoal, raw sugar, dried lavender and calendula leaves. I use my soaps daily on my face and body.

1st pic Oatmeal Jasmine 2nd pic Orange Cream 3rd pic Rose Hips and Cocoa Butter 4th pic Lavender & Charcoal 5th pic Tangerine & Calendula

If you’d like to try this amazing product for yourself let me know.

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