It’s ok to relax…..

Know it’s been a while since I posted……been a rough couple weeks. So the great news is that still using essential oils daily to help cope with everyday life. After several weeks-months no more issues with medication withdrawal!!! Can’t tell you how excited I am with this.

On a personal note…..I hurt myself to the point I’m currently unable to work. Just waiting on results on my MRI to see what’s up….. but I am keeping busy always making new stuff in my kitchen. New soaps and lotions…… getting ready for my favorite holiday….makings new items for my apothecary set up. It’s been fun and luckily keeping my mind busy.

As a mom….full time manager….and beginning entrepreneur I find myself never really being able to shut down my mind. I realized at some point that I can really only do as much as I can and leave the rest for tomorrow. Yeah it was over a week since I did laundry, but hey we still have plenty to wear……it’s been two weeks since I deep cleaned the bathroom, well it’s still works……..we have food everyday but it might be leftovers or a quick prep meal…… if we focus on what others may think we should “look like” or how we should “behave” are we really able to enjoy the everyday little things?

I kiss my kids and hug them every night. Apply their “special oils” to help them sleep, tuck them in and say I love you. (Lavender combo btw) This is what’s important people!!! Just being there when your kids big or little need a hug….or just to talk them through a rough day. Be present is all you ask of yourself. Love yourself…..give yourself a break. Take a bath, lock the door, use your oils, read a book and have a little you time. Everything will be there another time still waiting to be done!!!

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