Halloween’s Coming….

Ok I know it’s only August 31st but who cares right? Since I’m home bound until further notice I figured why not start planning Halloween. Just so you know Halloween is my “Christmas”, like I plan in advance every year, have the biggest outdoor setups and just as much inside, I guess it helps my birthday is right before Halloween so it’s a month long party!!!

So today I am going to talk about how I created some amazing books out of old books I found at good will. Luckily I went to goodwill on Tuesday and found all yellow stickers were only a $$$$1$$$. I was able to find several that I could repurpose for my apothecary fixture in my house. Here is the step by step process of how I created my masterpiece!!!

Good size book that I removed the cover on.

After removing the cover, I took a glue gun and wrote on the spine “WITCHCRAFT”. I let the glue dry and applied black and metallic paint to make the print stand out.

Wrote on the Spine WITCHCRAFT, I have several books I did this too also have POTIONS, SPELLS, POISON……..
Used a heavy concentration of coffee grounds and water to created the aged look. Just applied with sponge brush to make it look like this.

I found the middle of the book and broke the spine in that location so that the book will stay open when I’m finished. I applied Mod Podge to the pages in the book. I applied the two spells I found online to those pages.

After applying the pages and doing the coffee concentrate on the page I also added it to all the edges to make the look 100%!! After applying to the edges it also helped the pages curl so it really added a dated look on the spell book.

Aged pages and beginning to curl!

And the final product……..

Book all set up looking amazing!!
Still adding more items but this the start!
Here a quick look at my full fixture. I made all of these potion bottles!! Stay tuned for more how to make Halloween Crazy…..

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