Essential oils for beginners….

Emotional Therapy Starter Kit DoTerra

A lot of people out there think essential oils are just a fad….well what if I told you that the use of essential oils have been seeking since the AD ages. Yep that’s right ancient romans, Greeks, and Mesopotamians used these oils in treatment of ailments, skin, and conditions that today we just turn to medications to treat.

It’s crazy to think that we just allow our doctors to prescribe medications that actually have more side effects than what they are treating. I was one of those people. Well not anymore. I took my life into my own hands. Essential oils are amazing on so many levels. Once I started using these to treat my depression and anxiety I realized there potent properties were unbelievable. Incredible enough they helped me with these conditions….. the more I researched the more I discovered the amount of things that EO could help with…….I was amazed. There is so much info out there I didn’t know where to start or which oils to begin with. I have a great mentor and teacher that helped me start my journey. I felt overwhelmed several times throughout the process but she was right there the whole time when ever I had questions.

A starter pack is always a good way to go, hey but if you only need a few oils we can do that too. I maintain a no pressure approach, I will recommend specific oils off your needs but that’s it. No pressure of sales or buying. But trust me when you start using essential oils you’ll see… works and it’s amazing!!!

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and start off learning the healthier way to live Visit me at

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