Making the change… more meds…just oils

After years of dealing with medical menopause, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, sleeping issues to name a few, I realized that the medications I was taking were making things worse not better. I have spent the better part of three years struggling to get ahead in my own life only to fall farther behind.

The medications I was taking suppressed my body’s naturally producing serotonin levels and increasing them synthetically. While this help with increasing mood and depression I was having side effects. It even go so bad I ended up in the ER about 6 months ago. They literally thought I was crazy….no really they did. I was complaining about feeling like my body was electrified, tingling and having numbness in my lips and face. They sent me for a CT scan, blood work, even to a neurologist. Well you know the one thing they didn’t realize??? Serotonin Syndrome/Serotonin Withdrawals cause something medically coined as “brain zaps”. Like sticking your tongue on a 9V battery to see if it’s still good. That’s exactly the term I used with the ER doc, who looked at me as if I was crazy. Well guess what I’m not crazy but my body was screaming for help.  $4000 dollars later and my issue still wasn’t resolved, I didn’t figure it out till now, but my medication was causing it. I left the ER crying, my hubby didn’t know what to say. I Even went to my own doctor who prescribed them, she too didn’t link this to Serotonin Issues. So why am I telling you this?  Well a few months back I was sitting and chatting with a new friend telling her about my struggles. She got this twinkle in her eyes and I was telling her….she asked me a simple question “what about essential oils?” I replied that I never thought about it.
Well she began to inform me about the things I now know to be the best choice I ever made. It still took me a while-but she persisted, she wanted to see me healing my self naturally. So after weeks of hearing me complain continuously, sorry about that. I finally figured what the hell how could it be worse?

Well I started decreasing my meds methodically to avoid more severe withdrawal symptoms. I began to take my DoTerra essential oils both internally and externally.  I had a hand selected a group of DoTerra essential oils to help me elevate my actual symptoms and those of my medication. After research I discovered which would work best to help me heal.

So I got my oils and started taking them along with me decreasing meds. Now was it easy, hell no! Am I still struggling: well I no longer have with depression, anxiety, insomnia, my hot flashes. I am still having a few issues with stopping my meds all together yes😣…. But was it worth it….ABSOLUTELY!!!! I am thankful for the positive changes everyday and the constant support from Krystal. She is always there when I feel down and need some encouragement as well she’s there when I’m feeling amazing and need to tell the world. I have even convinced my mom, husband and family of the opportunities that essential oils provide. I’m using them on my kiddos to help calm those crazy summer moods kids get without having school structure, on my hubby to help with aches and pains and even helping my 16 year old daughter with menstrual cramps. But hey why listen to me?  I used to work in the medical field 10 years actually. I’ve seen medication ads on tv have you???? It’s like if you take this you could die….some of the possible side effects are horrible but they keep getting prescribed. Why not use what the earth gave us….natural remedies, essential oils, ways to live healthier and happier. I use them in every essence of my life now.

I didn’t seek out an herbalist she found me and I will forever in debt to her. Below are the essential oils that have worked to make my life, my life again. Thanks to her I can say……… yeah I feel better, yeah I have taken control and HELL yeah I can do this!!!

Clary Sage
All of these externally and internally daily

When my hot flashes come back: a bit of peppermint and some fractionated coconut oil along me neck help get those in check!!!

Full hysterectomy 2018
Partial hysterectomy 2017/2016
Mom of four ages 19-5!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!!

Now I am here after my own education of essential oils to help you make the switch!!! Let me know what ailments I can help you eradicate from your life!

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